Marmalade Lovers Box


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The Marmalade Lovers Box contains 3 x 160g jars of our various award winning flavours, all packed in a gift box too!

 Find out more about the Dalemain International Marmalade awards.

Flavours in the Marmalade Lovers Box

  • The HoneyBunch Marmalade  won a GOLD MEDAL

We make the HoneyBunch Marmalade with sweet and juicy HoneyGold citrus and home grown lemons.  We also use wild raw local honey.  The resulting marmalade is the perfect combination of sweet and tart marmalde-y goodness.


Sugar, HoneyGold, homegrown lemons (where possible) and local raw honey

  • The Three Fruit Marmalade Marmalade won a SILVER MEDAL.

We make the Three Fruit Marmalade  with ruby grapefruits, navel oranges and home grown lemons.  The resulting marmalade is the perfect balance of sweet, sour and bitter.  My favourite to make AND eat!


Sugar, grapefruit, oranges and homegrown lemons (where possible)

  • The ClemenLemon Marmalade won a BRONZE MEDAL

We make the ClemenLemon Marmalade with sweet and juicy ClemenGold citrus and home grown lemons.  The resulting marmalade is sweet and sassy and  the “easy eating” marmalade of our range.


Sugar, ClemenGolds and homegrown lemons (where possible)


Each jars contain 160g marmalade.  Shipping weight is 900g per box

We make all our marmalades with home grown lemons when available.  Lemons from our Eureka lemon tree and two rough skin lemon trees are used. The lemons lend the marmalade a delicious bite of bitterness.

We hand-cut all our citrus and we use a small batch method.  We make all our marmalades in my kitchen and therefore, the colour or texture of the marmalade may vary.

Artisinal marmalade makes the perfect gift.

We make the marmalades in June and July each year, but you can purchase this magical citrus unction all year online.  We also exhibit our products at various markets from September onwards.  Join our Facebook page to keep you up to date on the markets that we will be attending.

When purchasing this marmalade as a gift, please let us know in the “order notes” and we will gift wrap and send an appropriate hand written message of love.

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