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Two amazing bread recipes

In this post: bread recipes for a basic white bread dough and a wholewheat seed bread. White bread dough This dough is so versatile that you can use it to make loaves, plaits, rolls, focaccia, pizza… you name it. Jazz it up by adding herbs, garlic, onion flakes, cheese… Perfect versatile white bread dough Portion […]


Water Ganache

This is LIT-erally my new favourite thing! So easy, doesn’t require cream and tastes just the same as the cream version. If you haven’t tried it you should! Brilliantly easy recipe that works with white, dark or milk chocolate

Cake, Icings

Carrot Cake Recipe

This Carrot Cake Recipe is the perfect moist, long-lasting carrot cake. The cake is a little bit spicy and can be made with or without nuts and also has a zesty cream cheese icing. View more recipes check out our blog where we are regularly load new tested recipes. Stay up to date, see info […]