Costing Tool

Julie’s Cake Costing Tool is a simple-to-use spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet you will find to sheets.  The first sheet it called the “costing sheet” is where you will enter your recipes.  The second sheet, called the “ingredient reference list” is place where you will list ingredients that you regularly use.  You will also add in the pack size and/or unit of measurement and the current price of the item.

Once you have your personal reference list set up, return to the costing sheet. For each recipe, add a title and select each ingredient from a drop down box in the first column that will be created from your ingredient list.  Enter in the quantity for each recipe (making sure you maintain the units eg grams with grams etc)

The sheet will automatically calculate the value of that quantity for each recipe and total that to give you a cost price for the recipe.


If the cost of an ingredient changes, you only need to update it ONCE on the reference list and ALL the recipes that use that ingredient will be updated.  This means that current cost prices are always available at the touch of a button.

Once you have purchased the tool, you will receive links to the Google sheet version AND the Excel version.  See the videos attached for more info on how to use the tools


Please make sure you “save a copy” and start working on your own saved copy.  Please do not request permission to edit the original, you need to have your own copy on your own drive/computer.


Save the attachment to your own computer and start editing!

I maintain a list of who has purchased the tool, so if you lose your copy at any time please just email and I will send you a new copy (your data will be lost but you will have lifetime access to the links).

Find more info on how to do costings, setting a selling price and much more on our YouTube Channel

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Online purchase: All purchases are to be done through our online shop. Payments can be made via Payfast (secure online portal) or direct bank transfer (EFT). Full payment is required to complete your purchase. Please ensure the contact number and email address that you provide is correct.
If using direct bank transfer, the bank details will be displayed on the page after you click “Place Order”, please send your proof of payment to to complete your purchase (use your booking number as a reference). If we do not receive your proof of payment within 24 hours the order will be cancelled. You will receive a confirmation email when the funds clear in our account.
If using Payfast, your confirmation will be immediate when you complete the Payfast transaction. This confirmation will contain links to the Google sheets version AND the Excel version that you can download immediately.
Once we have received your payment (in full) you will receive a confirmation email from Julie and automatically from the online shop. This confirmation will contain links to the Google sheets version AND the Excel version that you can download. Please make sure you save your own version securely on your own local drive or machine.

NO returns or refunds are allowed on the costing tool as access is permitted immediately upon completing a purchase.

Costing tool purchases are for personal use only, and cannot be sold, redistributed or given away unless otherwise permitted by the owner. Employees of your business may also use your copy but sharing with other entities is strictly prohibited. If you are unsure about terms of use or to purchase a multicopy license please contact